Water Softening

The Hague 96 Maximizer

  • CONTROL VALVE – Whisper quiet, 6 cycle fully automatic. Regenerates based on exact water used – no guesswork, no waste.
  • ULTRA-FIL FILTER – Whole-house self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter. No cartridges to change. Filters down to nominal 20 microns – smaller than the human eye can see.
  • DUAL COMPARTMENT TANK – Reinforced polypropylene media tank. Thiseclusive design is patented.
  • ULTRA-SOFT FINE MESH RESIN – Vacuum packed bed is located between the top and bottom divisional flow screens to ensure maximum treatment for hardness and iron.
  • HIGHER FLOW RATES – Acieved by larger: 1 1/4” riser tube, 1” valve and 1” inlet/outlet.
  • RESIN BED – Resin bed i bacteriostatically protected.
  • - At 1 pound of salt, the MAximizer removed 5,600 grains of hardness. Plus it only uses 13.5 gallons of waterand takes only 13 minutes per regeneration.
    - The computer control automatically adjusts to your water usage. No wated water or salt.
    - During power outages, the capacitor holds regeneration programming indefinitely.